Kensington Baseball Club

I am fully aware of the usual risks associated with the game of baseball and that by becoming a registered player for the Club and thereby participating in matches practice and training I voluntarily acknowledge and accept those risks.

I acknowledge that neither the Club nor any Official of the Club shall be liable or responsible for any injury or loss that I may suffer and that I must personally take all reasonable precautions for my own safety.

I authorize the team officials to obtain any medical assistance which may be deemed necessary in the case of accident or injury and agree to pay all medical expenses incurred.

I acknowledge that Baseball SA has some limited group personal accident insurance in place and I agree that consideration should be given to taking out private health insurance, income protection insurance, property insurance etc. and acknowledge that if a claim is made that I am responsible for paying the excess.

The member acknowledges that he/she is medically and physically fit to be involved in the sport of baseball and will notify the Club immediately if that fitness or medical condition changes.

I acknowledge that as a member of the Club I will be bound by the Rules and By-Laws of the Kensington Baseball Club including the Club Code of Conduct.

Kensington Baseball Club is not liable for damage to motor vehicles when parked in the clubs car park or around the playing fields.


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